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Your PetSafe(R) Microchip Cat Flap has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house. The PetSafe(R) Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your cat s unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or accessory. Features *Easy to program *Can be programmed for up to 40 micro-chipped cats * this product can also use Petsafe RFID KEY FOB - PAC19-20560 *Helps restrict entry of unwanted cats *Reinforced, dual auto-latch with 4-way manual lock *Low battery indicator *Draught Excluder *Quick Start Guide and Cutting Template Please note - the read range on this unit is 10cm - 12cm - measured from outside of flap (the material the cat flap is fitted into may reduce this e.g. metal). Also if the door panel is reinforced with metal the range of the chip scanner will be affected, to resolve this you can fit the flap using the Petsafe glass/wall adaptor. Fitting Options: * Fits wooden doors * Fits PVC / UPVC Metal doors * Fits brick walls * Fits windows glass doors, single double glazed Suitable for cats up to 8 kg. - requires a Petsafe glass adaptor to fit through glass (available from November 2017) Please note for metal doors, doors reinforced with metal or reinforced panels with a foil sheet on the plywood reinforcement, you will need to cut a 260mm diameter hole and use the Petsafe Glass adaptor (PAC54-16246) OR you can buy a replacement door panel , available in 20mm, 24mm 28mm, from our website. Our replacement panels do not have any metal in them. Dimensions Overall Size: 220mm x 239mm Cutout Size: 175mm x 168mm Glass Cut Out Size: 275mm diameter* - requires a Petsafe glass adaptor Tunnel Depth: 72mm Max Pet Shoulder Width: 150mm Maximum Pet Weight: 8kg This cat flap is compatible with FDX-B (15 Digit) Microchips (this is not all 15 digit microchip) - to double check you cats chip number is compatible, please call Petsafe customer services on 0800 046 1414 *It is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass or double glazed units except at the time of manufacture. Please contact a glazier.

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